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Industrial Photography

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Photography of industrial facilities, jobsites, machinery, equipment, and specialized services in all industry segments.

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Fotografia Industrial Especializada

Lori Paula Industrial Photography specialized in providing visual materials with a 100% industry focus.

Specialist in industrial installations, provides the services of industrial photography, corporate, aerial photography, photo editing and video production.

Photography of people, groups and corporations on location or at industry-specific events and trade fairs.

Photographs of equipment of all sizes on location, at events, or during customs moves to their final installation area.

The exciting art of capturing the beauty of everything that is produced in the field, mills and industrial facilities in general.

All the productive technological advances of industries, corporations, their products and services.

To navigate through the industry by photographing is to actively participate in our growth, leaving the legacy of the gift of visual art wherever I go.

Occupational Safety Certifications that guarantee the hiring of a professional who knows how to move in industrial plants, ports and heights, with annual updates.

Each job is an adventure, in environments that no one else has access to. A pleasurable, technical, and beautiful job.

Facilities, environments, and people working together for progress, for the evolution of our society.

Prepared to serve national and international clients, integrate teams, direct people, and work with a marketing vision specialized in B2B.

Assisting in social media projects and video production in various formats.
Use of state-of-the-art digital photography equipment and latest generation software from the Adobe suite.

Filming team, scriptwriter and assistants that ensure the final quality of the work.
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