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Industrial Photographer

Professional photography focused on showing the industry's beauty, its products and services in all their magnitude.

Fotógrafo Industrial

Inside the Industry

B2B focused photography for the big guys or those who want to be the big ones.

Lori Paula is a Brazilian Industrial photographer with experience in design, marketing and production of various materials for online and offline publications for various market segments.

Worked for many years as a designer focused on packaging, point-of-sale materials, printed and digital publications.

During this period he worked for companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Novartis, Votorantim Cimentos, Grupo Saint Gobain, Grupo Lafarge, Basf, Bayer, Batavo, Grupo Sara Lee, Tec-Toy, Klabin - among others.

It was many years observing the industry. With this, he decided to use his experience in a new perspective, through photography.

Today, as a professional photographer specialized in industry, he works for Brazilian and international companies such as Máquina Solo, Vibropac, Chlorum Solutions, Wertco, Destaca Engenharia, Ocean Pact, the Belgian Menart, the Italian MB Crusher and Komplet, the Dutch Dieseko Group and the Finnish Allu Group.

What do I do?
I reveal the beauty of the industry!

There are so many minds involved in the industry thinking in so many details and in so many different areas of human knowledge… so many agitated minds and so many arms in motion so that we have in hands everything that our modern society needs, idealizes and demands.

But how is all this done, where does it begin, where does it end, what technologies are involved, what people are involved?

The industry with all its processes leaves a veiled trail of beauty, which is rarely seen, rarely shown.

All my work is aimed at unveiling this hidden beauty that is expressed in the micro and macro of its chain? shapes, faces, various symmetries, even the remaining residues express a beauty. They are there, showing themselves to the attentive eye.

To capture this world requires sharpening the eye, it requires a lot of research, and a lot of willingness to walk and to venture.

Nothing translates the spirit of photographing the industry more than an adventurous, fearless spirit.

Industrial Photographer

Days a Year

The industry and its processes don't stop, and neither do I. Be it photography at a machine stop or at the start of a process or production line.


Days a Week

Production lines, construction sites, everything has its schedule and needs to follow its flow, and I take advantage of this flow to photograph the events.


Hours a Days

Aligning the best time, shifts, light requires a lot of programming and being willing to shoot the first, second or third shift if necessary.

Specialized Photography

Industrial photography is not for amateurs.

Walking around production plants, mills, and large construction sites exposes both professional and equipment and the industry itself to serious risks. It is not for untrained people.

By hiring a photographer with industrial expertise you have someone who knows what industrial production is like, trained and certified in the Regulatory Standards of Safety at Work, making it easier to move around in various types of production plants and in the field; it is someone prepared by the industry for the industry.

Industrial photography, corporate portrait and video making

Brazilian and International Brands Attended

Visual Solutions

Industry, with its employees, machines and processes, has its hidden visual magic.

All within the way our society develops technologically and progresses
in its day to day, in its micro and macro productive environment, involving people and machines.
If you need to show these sides of your company, look me up, because this is what I know and like to do.