port construction

Port Construction

Photography of Paranaguá-Brazil port expansion works

Land, sea and air in the same photography project


Port construction photography at Brazilian Port of Paranaguá, during the expansion works of TCP [ Containers Terminal of Paranaguá ] was so intense and so complex that allowed me to act photographing on land, sea and air.

Walking around the equipment that I needed to photograph in a work with an off-shore part and with all the TCP structure around, like all industrial photography, requires an additional dose of attention and preparation.

Another adventure commissioned by Máquina Solo and its team that gave us unique images to increase the company’s portfolio. Her focus was the use of the PVE hammer, but my eye was on the whole surroundings, with all its magnificent port movement.

Challenges on heights and over water

Port construction of port of Paranaguá. 

Climbing up and down platforms installed at sea for pile driving by Destaca Engenharia, moving from one platform to the other by boat, climbing ladders with guardrails, pulling the backpack with the equipment and positioning tripods and cameras, being careful with the course of movement of the cranes and other equipment in the surroundings. Such an epic adventure, such movement.

In the same visit it was possible to see in practice why Safety at Work Regulatory Standards “NRs 12 and 35” when it comes to safety in these places and the importance of having someone accompanying us, even if we have experience.

Another incredible thing was being able to fly over and take aerial photographs of a construction site. Seeing the equipment and people moving from above was also a great experience. Many different nuances and a very special coloring that the place gives. It was my first experience with a drone, sensational, and I need to thank the people at Destaca for having trusted me for this operation.

Destaca used the Finnish Junttan hydraulic hammers and the Dutch brand PVE’s Solo Machine on their two Cantitravels and spike raft.