landfill industrial photography


Allu bucket photography

Challenging? Sure!

Who’d like taking pictures at places like that?

Photography in a landfill can be challenging for sensitive people because of the contrasts and sensory surprises that comprise the environment.

Over time I learned that working with industrial photography, in other words – photography for companies, requires physical as well as psychological preparation due to the contrasting environments. As a result of this preparation we are free to appreciate the surroundings.

Photographing walking over piles of garbage, looking for good angles, requires double attention and care in how to move around, besides the care with the photographic equipment before, during, and after the work. Nobody is free from coming across rats and slipping on various rotten things, so appropriate clothing is always welcome.

Ripping Bag Operantion

The equipment and its mission

This equipment was used to facilitate the distribution of the garbage collected by ripping the garbage bags, thus decreasing the volume and improving the uniformity of coverage and facilitating compaction.

The Finnish ALLU Multifunctional Bucket. Sold in Brazil by the company Máquina Solo.

This type of equipment is used for several other purposes, both for screening and crushing. A larger bucket, the M Series, is used in mining companies to screen and crush ores with low hardness. I have pictures of this process in my portfolio on the mining page. It is worth a look.

This kind of work can be quite revealing. Looking at how much waste we produce as a society and the way it is handled has taught me to take a better look at the way I produce and handle my own waste at home.

I think that one of the greatest missions of photography is to find beauty and visual balance even where the eye normally cannot see. But I assure you that in this case it was not so difficult because it was a very well organized place.

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