Photography in a sawmill of certified wood

Management and use of reforested wood

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Fotógrafo Industrial

Inside the Industry

Lori Paula

B2B focused photography for the big guys or those who want to be the big ones.

Lori Paula is a Brazilian Industrial photographer with experience in design, marketing and production of various materials for online and offline publications for various market segments.

Worked for many years as a designer focused on packaging, point-of-sale materials, printed and digital publications.

During this period he worked for companies such as Monsanto, Cargill, Novartis, Votorantim Cimentos, Grupo Saint Gobain, Grupo Lafarge, Basf, Bayer, Batavo, Grupo Sara Lee, Tec-Toy, Klabin - among others.

It was many years observing the industry. With this, he decided to use his experience in a new perspective, through photography.

Today, as a professional photographer specialized in industry, he works for Brazilian and international companies such as Máquina Solo, Vibropac, Chlorum Solutions, Wertco, Destaca Engenharia, Ocean Pact, the Belgian Menart, the Italian MB Crusher and Komplet, the Dutch Dieseko Group and the Finnish Allu Group.