mining equipments

Mining Equipments

machines working at nickel mine photograph

Great Machines at Great Landscapes


Photography in mining is indeed a test of endurance. In this case, in the countryside of Goiás – Brazil, in an environment almost desert-like because it was so dry, it was an adventure.

In what I do, industrial photography, there are those moments of adrenaline rush when you feel full in what you do. The energy of the moment feeds the soul and awakens creativity, and this work was one of them because of its magnitude.

Walking over rocks, in the midst of large moving machines and with all the equipment protected against dust [ even though it had factory protection ], fully dressed with PPE required to enter the site that went from helmet, dust mask and, believe me, shin guards against snakes and spiders. It was truly a LOT of adventure, challenging.

Big Equipment Photogaphy

Mining works

Invited by Máquina Solo and Allu Group to photograph and film the first Multifunction buckets in Brazil aimed at mining and in this case aimed at nickel extraction by screening of chalcedony rocks.

I was able to participate in the whole process because the equipment was brand new and in the testing phase. Assembly, tests and first production operations.

In an interesting integration between me and the technicians, I could direct the position of the machines and when they should be operated and I could position the cameras [ DSLRs and GoPro ] the way I wanted without the fear of interfering [too much] in the production/tests, which was very gratifying.

As the whole environment was very large and the scale equipment was absurd to me [ although in mining there is even much, much larger equipment ] I used wide angle lenses to be able to capture the surroundings in which they were being operated.

I just couldn’t have an object that projected that scale, since my rulers would be human and it would be dangerous to put them in an external environment close to the moving equipment.

Anyway, the result was something spectacular to me. By the colors, by the absurdly blue and clean sky, in some photos it is possible to see the moon in the distance as if it were a dirt in the photo. If you pay attention you will be able to identify the half moon that looks like the Turkish flag on a blue background. A pity that I couldn’t do aerial photography at that time.

I am very grateful to the companies for the invitation and the experience.