corporate portrait


corporate portrait

corporate photography of people and groups

Corporate Portraits and Situations

Show what your corporation is made of, what its human composition is

Everyone agrees that we create a mental picture when we talk to someone on the phone, we idealize eye color, skin color, hair, we create an image. To be clear, to know visually who is on the other end of the phone, e-mail, or even whatsapp, makes it much easier for people to get closer. We even strengthen ties and facilitate meetings. These are the missions of having a corporate portrait.

Today it is essential to show the people who make up a corporation. As they say “a picture speaks more than 1000 words”.

And it is not an easy task to photograph people. Each one with their life stories, their personal expressions, their expansiveness or shyness.

Making a person relaxed for a photograph and knowing how to position this person, how to direct this person, is sometimes a laborious task.
In a fun way I try my best to do this, to take tension off and unleash smiles when necessary.

First Grade Photographic Contacts

Each person portrayed here was a different contact, a different story, a different interaction. I really enjoy meeting people and chatting with everyone. This in itself already makes my work a lot easier.

This is why I always say that a conversation opens doors, shows paths, generates ideas. Photography shows who we are on the outside, conversations show who we are on the inside, and the sum total shows a little of who we are, of who is at the table beside you or on the other side of the line.

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