industrial fair trade photography

Industrial Fair Trade Photography

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Event photography for me happens in some cases as the coronation, the finalization of another work.

Parallel to my photography work I also do a lot of design work, marketing consultancy, and some event-oriented work. I help companies to participate in events and many of my photos and videos are commissioned to be shown in those occasions.

Specialized events, such as Waste Expo Brasil, an event I have participated in for at least 7 years, invite me to photograph the whole. The booths assembled before the visits during the visits and their finalization.

For me it is a great opportunity to meet new companies and know their challenges.

From Events Photography and for Events Photography

As a marketing professional I still believe that for the industry to participate in events is one of the best ways to present their solutions and equipment directly to their audiences. It is still one of the best ways of branding for a large part of the market.

In this portfolio I present photographs of my participation as a marketing design and photography professional in several events in the construction, mining, and environment fields. Situations that complete me and show how versatile you can be working with visual arts.