building foundations

Building Foundations

Photograph of pile driving equipment

Pile Drive Rigs

Bad weather is part of it, and it can be beautiful

Building foundation job site photography , especially during rainy periods, is almost always a surprise and even fun.

This is because in the preparation of the land for construction, where it is clean and bare, when it rains it turns into that muddy mess where everyone goes home red with mud. No matter how good your boots, capes, backpacks, there will always be some splashing at the end.

Of course, for safety reasons everything stops and everyone waits. This is a safe moment where I use the time to hunt for positions, look at the still machines, the surroundings and their visual possibilities.

Whenever possible I try to look at the weather forecast and align the best sunny days with the clients, or at least the interval between sun and rain. But even this kind of event has its charm and leaves its marks on the photography.

Building foundation and the pile driving symphony

Photography of foundation works

These pictures were taken in Itaguaí-RJ in what would become today a unit of FioCruz. Several foundation and geotechnical companies participated in this work and I could be there invited by Destaca Engenharia and Máquina Solo.

Several equipment from different companies were in operation. It was very curious to notice the tuned noises of the pile drivers, the great movement of large machines up and down, driving tons of iron into the ground.

Due to the vibrations in the ground caused by the pounding of the equipment, more attention was needed when taking the pictures. There is a funny phenomenon in the digital photographic equipment that distorts the image with the vibrations of the ground.

A practical class in Brazilian mechanical engineering and technological development, I could follow the development and application requested by the client, developed by specialists, and commercially distributed by serious people. Brands like Destaca Engenharia, Dieseko Group, Junttan, Máquina Solo and Rhinus together and tuned.