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Who is afraid of bacteria?


Industrial Photography in the biotech industry is one of those things that only seems to exist in movies.

I am a technology enthusiast in general and my boyhood dreams nowadays come true, like being able to talk on video with anyone from anywhere in the world.

Now, when I saw in the 90’s, working with packaging design, the paths that biotechnology was taking was amazing.

To be in touch with this world today through photography is simply awesome.

I met SuperBAC, one of the largest biotechnology companies in Latin America, at an fair trade focused on the environmental cares and was immediately impressed with the portfolio of solutions using bacteria, with their versatility.

The technology is aimed at social and industrial improvements, as it applies from the agro universe, the treatment of effluents to the oil and gas segment.

Doesn't it look like a movie set?

Photography in biotech industry

For a layman [ like me ], there is no way to enter a company like this and not be impressed by the facilities and their sobriety that shows care even with the visual cleanliness.

The look here is for the care taken to enter the laboratories, the people and their clothing, the study equipment, the production area, and the stock area itself. A real – visual playground – for attentive eyes.

Here in my portfolio I only have corporate photography of the Cotia -SP unit, but SuperBAC also has a fertilizer production plant in Paraná, Brazil.

For me it is a great pleasure to be able to work with this kind of photography. That is why I focus 100% of my work on the industry and its multiverse.

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